Configure and Test Basic Network Connectivity

Coursera Project Network

Welcome to this guided project about Configuring and Testing Basic Network Connectivity This project is designed for IT security professionals and aspiring network engineers. To succeed in this project, it’s recommended to have a good background in computer networks. A Cisco networking academy ID is also required to use the Packet Tracer in this project. In this project, you will configure and test basic network connectivity by managing configuration on Cisco devices such as IP addresses, virtual interfaces, and DHCP servers and verifying end-to-end network connectivity. By the end of this project, you will be able to configure small-size computer networks and test their end-to-end connectivity. This project is one of a kind because it teaches foundational computer network skills to beginners and professionals alike. Moreover, it is based on an entirely simulated environment where learners can practice as if they have access to real devices.

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Configure and Test Basic Network Connectivity
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