Application of Data Analysis in Business with R Programming

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This Guided Project “Application of Data Analysis in Business with R Programming” is for the data science learners and enthusiasts of 2 hours long. The learners will learn to discover the underlying patterns and analyse the trends in data with Data Science functions. They will explore a Real world application of Data Analysis in the field of business.They will gain insights that will assist in suggesting recommendations or strategic decision making for optimising business and efficient allocation of resources. This Guided Project is unique because it is a research study and analysis of data of a pandemic affected period from the year 2020.Hence, learners will study customer purchasing trends of an uncertain period marked by covid-19 where the world economy has been suffering which will also prepare learners for analysing uncertain and uneven trends. In order to be successful, learners will need prior fundamental knowledge of R programming,Statistics and familiarity with using RStudio.

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Application of Data Analysis in Business with R Programming
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