App Development with Power Apps: Create Custom Components

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Imagine having a rental company, in this case bike rental company, and having problems with managing the company's data. We can help you with that! You can make your life easier with no-code or low-code Power Apps capabilities. In this guided project, we will create a SharePoint site and list that will contain data about all the bikes for rent owned by the company. Among other info, the bikes will also have the status Available or Unavailable for rent, so we can track them. After that we are going to create a Power Apps application and two custom components, a PopUp window and MenuNavigation, and we are going to add forms and a gallery so we can modify the bikes' status or add new bikes to the list, as well as to see all the bikes and their status in the app gallery. The requirement for this project is having a Microsoft Developer Program account and you will be provided with instructions on how to acquire it. Although anyone with basic understanding of data types, Excel-like formulas and variables can learn to use Power Apps, the recommended background for this guided project is being familiar with Power Platform. If you fit the criteria and would like to make your life easier by automating manual, time-consuming business tasks, then this project is for you! Let's get started!

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App Development with Power Apps: Create Custom Components
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