Brand Management: Strategies for a Strong Brand

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In a dynamic business environment, understanding the pivotal role of brands is crucial for market success. This course delves into the multifaceted nature of brands, emphasizing their influence on consumer behavior and societal dynamics. You will explore advanced brand management strategies, including brand positioning, architecture, and extensions, to drive meaningful market impact. Additionally, the course covers brand equity, data tools, sentiment analysis, and valuation models that guide strategic marketing decisions. Through this comprehensive learning experience, you will gain insights into building brand value statements, leveraging emotional branding, and implementing sustainable branding initiatives. The course is designed for marketing professionals, brand managers, entrepreneurs, and individuals aiming to enhance their brand management skills in a competitive market.

  • Explore advanced brand management strategies
  • Understand brand equity and valuation models
  • Learn to build brand value statements and implement emotional branding
  • Gain insights into sustainable branding initiatives

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Brand Management: Strategies for a Strong Brand
Course Modules

This course covers essential aspects of brand management, including brand positioning, architecture, extensions, emotional branding, sustainable initiatives, and brand governance frameworks, empowering learners to drive meaningful market impact.

Brand Management: Building and Sustaining a Strong Brand

This module focuses on building and sustaining a strong brand. It covers topics such as brand positioning, architecture, extensions, leveraging technology, integrated marketing communications, building brand advocacy, and loyalty. Learners will gain insights into customer-based brand equity, measuring brand equity, social media sentiment analysis, emotional branding, influencer marketing, and sustainable branding initiatives.

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