Business Models for Innovative Care for Older People

Copenhagen Business School & University of Copenhagen

Aging presents societal challenges, impacting health and welfare systems. This course delves into healthcare innovation for aging populations, emphasizing healthy living and active aging. It covers key theories, tools, and concepts for developing innovative solutions, with a focus on diabetes, rehabilitation, and business cases. The interdisciplinary approach integrates demographic, biological, economic, social, and cultural aspects of active aging and healthy living. Leading experts from esteemed institutions contribute to this comprehensive exploration. The course aims to equip participants with a professional approach to healthcare innovation.

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Business Models for Innovative Care for Older People
Course Modules

This comprehensive course covers modules on introduction to health and innovation, healthy aging and active living, diabetes, rehabilitation, business cases, and digital health care design.


This module provides an introduction to the course, presenting the importance of health and innovation. It also explores the concept of healthy aging and active living, offering suggested further reading for deeper understanding.


Delve into the complexities of diabetes and metabolism, along with diet self-management. This module also offers in-depth reading materials for a comprehensive understanding of diabetes and its management.


Explore the realm of rehabilitation, particularly focusing on its impact on the elderly. The DigiRehab case is presented, providing insights into digital rehabilitation methods and their benefits.

The Business Case I

This module delves into the business case for healthcare innovation, focusing on understanding user needs through ethnographic methods and value capturing. Additional reading materials are also suggested for a comprehensive understanding.

The Business Case II

Examine the business case further, with a focus on competitive analysis and health technical assessment. This module explores the intricacies of analyzing competition and assessing the technical aspects of health solutions.

Digital Health Care Design

Delve into the world of digital health care design, exploring its potential in healthcare innovation. This module covers digital design principles and their application in healthcare, providing additional resources for further exploration.

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