API Development


Discover the intricacies of API Development in this comprehensive course offered by Codio. Designed for learners experienced in JavaScript, you'll delve into accessing and creating web APIs, along with building simple web servers. Embrace a self-paced learning journey with video-free content, interactive assignments, and instant feedback to reinforce your understanding.

Explore API protocols, HTTP servers, and best practices for web APIs, gaining valuable insights for implementing authentication. With short explanations, images, and runnable code examples, you'll steadily progress from quick understanding checks to developing intricate coding projects.

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API Development
Course Modules

Embark on a learning journey exploring API Protocols, HTTP Servers, and Best Practices for Web APIs. Gain hands-on experience and in-depth insights to master the art of API Development.

API Protocols

Dive into API Protocols, understanding the intricacies of communication between different software systems. Gain insights into various protocol standards and their application in web API development.

HTTP Servers

Explore the fundamentals of HTTP Servers, learning to create and manage web servers. Delve into handling HTTP requests and responses, acquiring essential skills for building robust server-side applications.

Best Practices for Web APIs

Master Best Practices for Web APIs, discovering essential techniques for designing and implementing secure and efficient web APIs. Learn about authentication, error handling, and performance optimization to elevate your API development skills.

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