Advanced Django: External APIs and Task Queuing


Code and run Django websites without installing anything! This course is designed for learners who are familiar with Python and basic Django skills (similar to those covered in the Django for Everybody specialization). The modules in this course cover connecting to external APIs, task queuing, and pulling together the topics across the specialization in capstone projects. To allow for a truly hands-on, self-paced learning experience, this course is video-free. Assignments contain short explanations with images and runnable code examples with suggested edits to explore code examples further, building a deeper understanding by doing. You’ll benefit from instant feedback from a variety of assessment items along the way, gently progressing from quick understanding checks (multiple choice, fill in the blank, and un-scrambling code blocks) to slowly building features, resulting in large coding projects at the end of the course. Course Learning Objectives: Connecting to external APIs Implement task queuing Leverage various Django skills to create portfolio-quality projects

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Advanced Django: External APIs and Task Queuing
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