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Stay ahead in the tech world with cloud computing courses. These courses teach you to design, build, and manage cloud-based solutions. Completing a cloud computing course can make you highly desirable in the job market.

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Speech to Text Transcription with the Cloud Speech API

Google Cloud

This is a self-paced lab that takes place in the Google Cloud console. The Cloud Speech API lets you do speech to text transcription from audio files in over 80...

Starting Your Career with AWS Cloud

Amazon Web Services

This three-course specialization provides an overview of cloud fundamentals, describes IT and cloud computing, introduces cloud computing roles, and helps to identify...

System Issues in Cloud Computing

Georgia Institute of Technology

This specialization is a four-course sequence of hands on project-intensive immersive courses aimed at computer professionals to give them an in-depth experience...

Tencent Cloud Developer Associate

Tencent Cloud

This course equips learners with a foundational knowledge in cloud application development and prepares them to take the Tencent Cloud Developer Associate examination....

TensorFlow on Google Cloud - 한국어

Google Cloud

이 과정에서는 TensorFlow 2.x 입력 데이터 파이프라인 빌드, TensorFlow 2.x 및 Keras를 사용한 ML 모델 빌드, ML 모델의 정확성 개선,...

Terraform Fundamentals

Google Cloud

This is a self-paced lab that takes place in the Google Cloud console. In this hands-on-lab you will create infrastructure, a virtual machine, using Terraform in...

Test app in Azure with Visual Studio and DevTest labs

Coursera Project Network

In this project, learners will know how to publish an app from Visual Studio and then test the app using the Azure DevTest labs service. The app we will create and...

Trabajando con Azure API Management

Coursera Project Network

En este proyecto, vamos a hacer uso del servicio API Management de Azure para poder crear, consumir y controlar el acceso a nuestras APIs de forma sencilla y práctica....

Two Major Models of running containers in AWS

Coursera Project Network

Welcome to this Project about “Two Major Models of running Containers in AWS”. This Project will be focusing on one of the many types of computing in AWS, called...

Understanding Google Cloud Security and Operations

Google Cloud

This course examines cost management, security, and operations in the cloud. First, it explores how businesses can choose to maintain some or none of their own infrastructure...

Understanding Google Cloud Security and Operations en Français

Google Cloud

Ce cours porte sur la gestion des coûts, la sécurité et les opérations dans le cloud. Pour commencer, il montre comment les entreprises peuvent choisir de maintenir...

Understanding Your Google Cloud Costs

Google Cloud

Understanding Your Google Cloud Costs is most suitable for those working in a technology or finance role who are responsible for managing Google Cloud costs. You’ll...

Understanding Your Google Cloud Costs en Français

Google Cloud

Le cours "Understanding Your Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Costs" (Comprendre vos coûts Google Cloud Platform (GCP)) s’adresse principalement aux personnes...

Understanding Your Google Cloud Costs 日本語版

Google Cloud

「Understanding Your Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Costs」は、テクノロジーや財務関連の仕事をしており、GCP のコストを管理する立場にある方に適しています。...

Upgrading and Monitoring the Apigee Hybrid API Platform

Google Cloud

This course discusses the upgrade process for Apigee hybrid, and teaches you how to monitor and troubleshoot the hybrid runtime plane components.

Use Docker at AWS with the Command Line

Coursera Project Network

Docker management in the Cloud is a valuable skill to have if you want to be a Docker administrator, a Docker user, or just want to learn more about Docker in the...

Using BigQuery with C#

Google Cloud

This is a self-paced lab that takes place in the Google Cloud console. In this lab, you will use Google Cloud Client Libraries for .NET to query BigQuery public...

Using Cloud Trace on Kubernetes Engine

Google Cloud

This is a self-paced lab that takes place in the Google Cloud console. This lab deployings a Kubernetes Engine cluster, then a simple web application fronted by...