Check Point Jump Start: Product Deployment

Check Point Software Technologies Ltd.

In this course, you will delve into the concept of software deployment and the methods and tools used for deploying Check Point products. The course is designed to provide a detailed understanding of deployment processes, including an overview of Check Point deployment tools.

  • Learn about the various types and methods of deploying Check Point software.
  • Understand the usage of CPUSE, CDT, Central Deployment in SmartConsole, and Zero Touch in relevant deployments.
  • Gain insights into troubleshooting during the deployment process for each tool.
  • Acquire knowledge on using CDT’s RMA mode and when to use Zero Touch in a relevant deployment.

This course is ideal for IT professionals seeking to enhance their expertise in software deployment, particularly with Check Point products, and is presented in a structured format with quizzes to reinforce learning.

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Check Point Jump Start: Product Deployment
Course Modules

This course comprises seven modules, commencing with an introduction and covering various deployment tools and methods, culminating in a comprehensive summary.


An introduction to the course sets the stage for understanding software deployment concepts and the deployment tools used for Check Point products. The module provides an overview of the course content, outlining the key learning objectives.

Deployment 101

This module goes in-depth into the fundamentals of software deployment, including the types and methods of deploying Check Point software. It also provides a high-level overview of the Check Point deployment tools, laying the foundation for the subsequent modules.


Delve into the usage of CPUSE in relevant deployments, learning when and how to utilize this tool. Additionally, you will gain insight into basic troubleshooting during the deployment process, ensuring a smooth deployment experience.

Central Deployment Tool

This module explores the usage of the Central Deployment Tool (CDT) in relevant deployments, covering when and how to utilize this tool effectively. It also delves into troubleshooting in the deployment process and using CDT’s RMA mode.

Central Deployment in SmartConsole

Learn about when and how to use Central Deployment in SmartConsole in relevant deployments, gaining a comprehensive understanding of this deployment tool and its application in real-world scenarios.

Zero Touch Deployment

Gain insights into the usage of Zero Touch in relevant deployments, understanding when and how to apply this deployment method effectively. This module provides a comprehensive overview of Zero Touch deployment and its relevance in real-world scenarios.

Course Summary

This final module provides a comprehensive summary of the course content, reinforcing key learnings and providing a succinct overview of the software deployment concepts and tools covered throughout the course.

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