Blue Prism Foundation Training

Blue Prism

Embark on a transformative journey with Blue Prism Foundation Training, a 12-week course that equips you with practical skills to automate time-intensive tasks. Delve into key concepts of configuring a Blue Prism Process Solution and learn to build, test, publish, and manage process automation.

Throughout the course, you will be guided through engaging video demos and activity sheets, ensuring a comprehensive learning experience. From understanding the Process Studio to mastering Exception Handling and Work Queues, this course empowers you to become proficient in robotic process automation.

Join this course to unlock the potential of RPA and intelligent automation, and elevate your proficiency in building efficient end-to-end Blue Prism Solutions.

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Blue Prism Foundation Training
Course Modules

Blue Prism Foundation Training offers a 12-week guided learning experience, covering topics such as Introduction, Process Studio, Process Flow, Inputs and Outputs, Business Objects, Object Studio, Exception Management, Work Queues, Additional Features, Consolidation Exercise, and Training Next Steps Guide.


Introduction to Foundation Training provides a quick setup guide and access to Blue Prism Learning Edition. You will immerse in glossary and expression writing, ensuring a solid foundation for your learning journey.

Process Studio

Process Studio introduces you to the interface, decision stages, calculation stages, and process validation. Engage in self-tests to strengthen your understanding and proficiency in this crucial aspect of Blue Prism development.

Introduction to Process Flow

Introduction to Process Flow covers circular paths, controlling play, collections and loops, and layers of logic. Dive deep into these topics with activity sheets and self-tests to solidify your knowledge.

Introduction to Inputs and Outputs

Introduction to Inputs and Outputs delves into input parameters, output parameters, data item visibility, and control room. Engage in hands-on activities and self-tests to master this essential aspect of Blue Prism development.

Business Objects

Business Objects provides insights into action stages and application modeler attributes, preparing you to work with multiple business objects efficiently. Reinforce your learning through activity sheets and self-tests.

Object Studio

Object Studio equips you with the skills to navigate stages, wait stages, application modeler attributes, and actions. Engage in comprehensive activities and self-tests to become proficient in building robust automation solutions.

Exception Management Overview

Exception Management Overview introduces you to exception management, emphasizing its importance in developing resilient automation solutions. Strengthen your understanding through activities and self-assessment.

Exception Handling

Exception Handling covers recovery mode, throwing exceptions, exception bubbling, and preserving the current exception. Master these crucial concepts with practical activities and self-assessment.

Work Queues

Work Queues delves into working items, queue items, work queue configuration, deferring items, and exception item retries. Engage in practical activities and self-assessment to become proficient in managing work queues effectively.

Additional Features

Additional Features encompass the release manager and other advanced aspects, providing a well-rounded understanding of Blue Prism capabilities. Engage in activities and self-assessment to expand your proficiency.

Consolidation Exercise

The Consolidation Exercise guides you through an extended exercise for consolidating your skills, ensuring you are well-prepared to apply your knowledge in real-world scenarios.

Training Next Steps Guide

The Training Next Steps Guide will steer you towards further learning opportunities, enabling you to continue advancing your expertise in Blue Prism solutions.

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