3D Model Creation with Autodesk Fusion 360


Embark on a transformative journey of 3D Model Creation with Autodesk Fusion 360. This course delves into design thinking, 2D sketching, generative design, and photorealistic renderings. Through a series of hands-on lessons, you'll master the use of Autodesk Fusion 360 for creating intricate 3D models.

  • Explore design criteria and conceptual design
  • Learn to transform 2D sketches into 3D solid models
  • Delve into generative wing design
  • Master the art of creating photorealistic renderings

Unleash your creativity and gain the skills needed to bring your design concepts to life using Autodesk Fusion 360.

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3D Model Creation with Autodesk Fusion 360
Course Modules

The course modules cover a wide range of topics, including design criteria, 2D sketch transformation, generative wing design, and photorealistic renderings, all aimed at enhancing your skills in 3D model creation using Autodesk Fusion 360.

Conceptual Design

Embark on a journey through the conceptual design phase, understanding user needs, and delving into design criteria. Get hands-on experience with Autodesk Fusion 360 sketching, modeling, and documentation features. Engage in practice exercises, quizzes, and discussions to reinforce your learning.

2D Sketches to 3D Solid Model

Learn the process of transforming 2D sketches into intricate 3D solid models. Gain practical skills in creating prop protection surfaces, motor mounts, and utilizing generative design features. Test your knowledge with challenge exercises and quizzes to solidify your understanding.

Generative Wing Design

Dive into generative wing design, exploring feature creation, blending, combining, and adjustments. Enhance your skills in measuring physical properties and engage in practice exercises and challenges to apply your knowledge in real-world scenarios.

Photorealistic renderings

Master the art of creating photorealistic renderings with Autodesk Fusion 360. Learn to set up rendering scenes, apply visual appearances, add decals, and control model textures. Engage in turntable animation creation and challenges to showcase your skills.

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