Communicating Your Best Self

Arizona State University

Communicating Your Best Self is a comprehensive course offered by Arizona State University to help individuals improve their communication skills. Throughout the course, participants will learn how to represent themselves effectively in various communication mediums. The curriculum is designed to develop essential skills for sending and receiving messages in professional and personal contexts.

The course covers diverse topics, including utilizing email communication, conducting effective video meetings, and mastering in-person interactions. By the end of the course, participants will have gained valuable insights into communicating their best selves in any situation. The content is delivered through engaging modules, providing practical guidance and techniques for improving communication.

  • Enhance communication skills in different mediums
  • Develop effective messaging strategies
  • Master professional and personal communication
  • Learn from industry experts at Arizona State University

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Communicating Your Best Self
Course Modules

The course encompasses modules covering various communication mediums, including email, video meetings, and in-person interactions, to help participants master effective communication strategies.

Start Here

The "Start Here" module serves as an introduction to the course, providing an overview of the content and learning objectives. Participants will gain initial insights into the importance of effective communication in various contexts.

Using email to communicate

The "Using email to communicate" module delves into the nuances of email communication, offering practical tips for crafting professional and impactful messages. Participants will learn to enhance their written communication skills and manage email interactions effectively.

Using video meetings to communicate

The "Using video meetings to communicate" module focuses on leveraging video meetings as a communication tool. Participants will explore techniques for engaging and effective communication in virtual settings, mastering the art of virtual interactions.

Communicating with others in person

The "Communicating with others in person" module provides insights into in-person communication strategies, emphasizing the importance of non-verbal cues and interpersonal dynamics. Participants will learn to navigate face-to-face interactions with confidence and professionalism.

Course Conclusion

The "Course Conclusion" module summarizes the key learnings from the course, reinforcing the essential elements of effective communication across various mediums. Participants will leave with a comprehensive understanding of how to communicate their best selves in any situation.

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