Careers in Sustainability

Arizona State University

This course is an introduction to careers in sustainability, focusing primarily on the role of a sustainability analyst at public and private organizations. Through a mix of video, print, peer review, and interactive content, learners will be able to explain sustainability and the specifics of a sustainability analyst’s job within an organization. The course is structured around two elements: topical knowledge and practical application. Throughout the course, learners can practice what they learn and get feedback from their peers to build their skills. Additionally, knowledge checks provide milestones for learners to ensure that they understand the necessary information about each topic presented. Each module begins with a video that introduces the concepts taught in the lesson, including interviews with ASU School of Sustainability professors. Interactive activities and hands-on application are central to the learner experience in this course. They include participating in mini-application experiences, trying out real-life skills with expert feedback, and creating personalized tools like presentation slide decks and spreadsheet templates to use in the role on day one of a new job. The interactive and hands-on activities are specifically designed to teach not only sustainability skills but also professional skills like professional writing, presentation skills, and conducting successful video meetings. This combination of practical skills and specialized content makes this course a unique foundation for the rest of the specialization.

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Careers in Sustainability
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