Business English: Management and Leadership

Arizona State University

Enhance your English business communication skills with the Business English: Management and Leadership course from Arizona State University. Designed for business executives and managers, this comprehensive course focuses on improving your English language proficiency in various business scenarios.

Throughout the course, you will learn to recruit and train professional teams, manage well-organized meetings, conduct efficient telephone conferences, and write clear and professional emails. The activities in this course provide opportunities to share experiences and receive immediate feedback from global business professionals.

  • Improve English communication for business management and leadership
  • Enhance vocabulary and linguistic structures for professional scenarios
  • Learn effective recruitment, team building, and meeting management strategies
  • Practice writing clear and professional emails
  • Receive immediate feedback from business professionals worldwide

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Business English: Management and Leadership
Course Modules

Join the Business English: Management and Leadership course to develop vital English communication skills for staffing, meeting management, leadership, and business communication.

Staffing and Hiring Decisions

Staffing and Hiring Decisions module focuses on essential strategies for recruiting and managing professional teams. The module covers direct and indirect approaches, vocabulary preview, making direct and indirect requests, and more. Participants will also have the opportunity to apply their knowledge through practical exercises.

Meeting Management

The Meeting Management module delves into effective meeting practices, conference calling, future tense contractions, writing effective summaries, and more. Participants will gain valuable insights into managing and organizing successful meetings in a professional environment.

Leading and Teaming

The Leading and Teaming module emphasizes leadership and team management skills, including handling interruptions, conference calling tips, strategies for interruption and clarification, and more. Participants will also explore cultural norms and submit video/audio assignments.

Planning, Organizing, and Delegating

The Planning, Organizing, and Delegating module provides comprehensive guidance on writing effective emails, communicating status reports, concise business communication, and more. Participants will engage in practical exercises to apply their knowledge in real-world scenarios.

Managing and Coaching

The Managing and Coaching module focuses on coaching and mentoring, effective teaming, active listening skills, first conditionals, and strategies for active listening and feedback. Participants will develop essential skills for managing and coaching teams effectively.


The Review module offers a comprehensive review of the course content, including optional email peer reviews, final examination, and a synthesis exercise. Participants will consolidate their learning and enhance their overall understanding of the course material.

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