Business English: Finance and Economics

Arizona State University

Enhance your business English communication skills in finance and economics with this comprehensive course from Arizona State University. Follow authentic characters as they navigate common finance situations, learning from their successes and failures. Gain the ability to read and create efficient emails, reports, and impactful presentations using words and phrases commonly used in finance and economics.

This course focuses on helping you communicate clearly under pressure, utilizing strategies learned throughout the modules. Gain immediate feedback from other finance professionals around the world, and develop the English communication skills that global managers expect.

  • Develop skills in budgeting, forecasting, purchasing, auditing, and economics
  • Gain insight into asking the right questions, chart communication, transition phrases, and more
  • Enhance your ability to maintain integrity, negotiate win-win situations, and apply reading strategies

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Business English: Finance and Economics
Course Modules

Prepare for success in finance and economics with modules covering budgeting, forecasting, purchasing, auditing, economics, and a comprehensive review.


Explore budgeting techniques and essential vocabulary, and develop the ability to ask the right questions and maintain open communication. Gain insights into probing questions and formulating effective queries, while honing your skills with quizzes and worksheet practice.


Delve into forecasting with a focus on chart communication and transition phrases. Learn to give a great financial presentation, read financial reports, and master transition phrases for cause and effect. Test your knowledge with weekly chapter tests and a peer review assignment.


Master the art of purchasing and negotiation, with a deep dive into tools, concessions, integrity, persuasive language, and Socratic questioning. Enhance your skills with quizlet vocabulary practice and a comprehensive chapter test.


Gain confidence in auditing through understanding power dynamics, tone in speaking and writing, and productive language choices. Learn from real-world examples and test your knowledge with quizzes and a challenging discussion.


Explore economics with reading strategies, phrases for increase and decrease, and untranslatable business idioms. Discuss trends and take the idiom challenge, culminating in a comprehensive chapter test.


Conclude with a comprehensive review of the course, covering all essential aspects. Prepare for the final exam while revisiting key concepts and materials to solidify your learning.

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