Business English

Arizona State University

This Specialization serves as an introduction to Business English, covering communication in management, finance, marketing, and practical business scenarios. The course offers modules focusing on leadership, finance and economics, marketing and sales, and a final project to apply learned skills. You will learn to communicate effectively in English, write professional documents, and present business proposals, enhancing your global business communication skills.

  • Enhance communication skills in business English
  • Develop language structures for meetings, sales, and negotiations
  • Learn to write proposals, executive summaries, and marketing materials
  • Apply skills in the Capstone Project to launch a new product

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Business English
Course Modules

Embark on a comprehensive journey through Business English, covering management and leadership, finance and economics, marketing and sales, and a final Capstone Project to apply learned skills in practical business scenarios.

Business English: Management and Leadership

Immerse yourself in business English language and communication skills essential for management and leadership roles. Learn to recruit and train teams, conduct well-organized meetings, and write professional emails. Gain valuable feedback from global business professionals, enhancing your ability to communicate effectively in English.

Business English: Finance and Economics

Gain expertise in business English for finance and economics, focusing on reading and creating efficient e-mails, reports, and impactful presentations. Develop communication skills under pressure and receive feedback from finance professionals, honing your abilities as a global manager.

Business English: Marketing and Sales

Refine your English communication skills in marketing and sales, learning to express ideas persuasively through emails, reports, and presentations. Acquire vocabulary related to market research, branding, and advertising, and receive instant feedback from sales and marketing professionals worldwide.

Business English: Final Project

In the final Capstone Project, create a plan of action to launch a new product, incorporating a project status report, marketing campaign, budget analysis, and a presentation for upper management. Apply your learned skills to develop a useful document for your current job or as a demonstration of your new abilities.

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