Assessing Conflict

Arizona State University

Assessing Conflict is a comprehensive course offered by Arizona State University, designed to equip individuals with the skills to recognize, understand, and effectively manage conflicts. Through a series of engaging modules, participants will gain insights into the nature of conflicts, reactions to conflict, active listening for interests, and the art of asking pertinent questions.

The course delves into the importance of early conflict recognition and provides practical strategies for conflict resolution. Participants will learn to identify different conflict types and understand how individuals react to conflict, enabling them to navigate challenging situations with confidence and empathy.

  • Gain insights into the nature of conflicts
  • Develop skills for active listening and asking relevant questions
  • Recognize different reactions to conflict and understand their implications
  • Learn to identify the early signs of conflicts and manage them effectively

Upon completion of the Assessing Conflict course, participants will be equipped with valuable conflict management skills that can be applied in various personal and professional settings, fostering more harmonious and productive relationships.

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Assessing Conflict
Course Modules

The Assessing Conflict course modules cover a comprehensive range of conflict-related topics, including conflict nature, reactions, active listening, and questioning techniques, culminating in effective conflict management strategies.

Start Here

The Start Here module provides an introduction to the course, outlining the objectives and the importance of early conflict recognition.

Identifying the nature of conflict

The Identifying the nature of conflict module explores the different types and characteristics of conflicts, providing a foundational understanding of conflict dynamics.

Recognizing reactions to conflict

The Recognizing reactions to conflict module delves into the various ways individuals react to conflict, emphasizing the significance of understanding these reactions in conflict management.

Listening actively for interests

The Listening actively for interests module focuses on developing active listening skills, enabling participants to identify and address underlying interests in conflict situations.

Asking questions

The Asking questions module provides strategies for asking pertinent and effective questions in conflict resolution, facilitating productive communication and understanding.

Course Conclusion

The Course Conclusion module summarizes the key learnings from the course and emphasizes the practical application of conflict management strategies in real-world scenarios.

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