Advertising and E-commerce on TikTok


This course delves into the world of advertising and E-commerce on TikTok, providing in-depth insights into leveraging the platform for marketing purposes. Through a series of comprehensive modules, students will explore different advertising options, best practices for creating ads, and strategies for utilizing TikTok for E-commerce. The course places a strong emphasis on understanding and utilizing the analytics platform provided by TikTok to optimize advertising efforts.

Students will dive into the evolution of E-commerce on TikTok, learning about the best practices for selling and promoting products, as well as the integration with platforms like Shopify. The module on measuring and optimizing will equip students with the skills to interpret TikTok analytics and evaluate the success of their strategies, ultimately informing future marketing decisions. Throughout the course, students will engage with case studies, quizzes, and simulations to reinforce their learning.

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Advertising and E-commerce on TikTok
Course Modules

This course encompasses modules on advertising strategies, E-commerce opportunities, and analytics on TikTok. Students will explore various advertising options, best practices, and measurement techniques to optimize their marketing efforts.

Advertising & Ecommerce Opportunities on TikTok

This module introduces students to the advertising and E-commerce opportunities on TikTok. It covers different advertising options, best practices for creating ads, building campaigns in TikTok Ads, and evaluating campaign success. Additionally, students will explore the evolution of E-commerce on TikTok, including strategies for selling and promoting products and the integration with Shopify. The module also includes case studies, quizzes, and a simulation to reinforce learning.

Measure and Optimize

The importance of measuring and optimizing marketing efforts is the focus of this module. Students will gain insights into TikTok Analytics, learn to interpret analytics data, and understand how to use analytics to evaluate success and inform future marketing strategies. The module includes readings, graded quizzes, and practice quizzes to reinforce learning.

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