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Course Description\n\nThis specialization is intended for both students and businesses who aim to learn more about how Cloud technology can help them grow. With Cloud Computing, Big Data, and Cloud Security courses, users will be exposed to a series of products that combine to make architectures fit for any task.\n\nThis specialization will train the user on two levels: first, the basic specifications and functions of our principle product line, and secondly, evaluates a user's ability to use several different products together to create best practice solutions on Alibaba Cloud.\n\nUsers that pass this specialization will stand out among their peers as IT professionals that can not only build a cloud architecture on their own but administrate a larger network of cloud resources on Alibaba Cloud.\n\nTaking this training offered by our official training partner, Coursera, will also prepare you to succeed on the ACP/ACA professional certification exam series (offered here: and launch your next career as a Cloud professional.

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Alibaba Cloud Computing
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